Bob Turner

In my upset win for congress, many factors played a critical part. None was more important than the steady and consistent policy and press relations managed by Bill O’Reilly and his team. He crafted an image and PR campaign that kept our opponent constantly on the defensive and allowed me to define the issues on our terms. All this was accomplished with honesty and dignity, and we had a good time doing it.

Ed Rollins

Hall of Fame political consultant; White House Political Director and campaign manager for President Ronald Reagan

I have spent nearly 5 decades in the political and public relations world and have worked with some of the best practitioners of the art. Bill O’Reilly is ranked right at the top of that list. Bill is a pro’s pro who adds great wisdom and direction to any campaign that he manages or is involved with. He is a great team builder and his judgement is superb. He is truly a ‘number one draft choice’ for any communication or political campaign.

Liz Feld
Former mayor,
White House Communications Officer

Bill and Jess have instincts and insights that rival any in the business of strategic communications. They are fearless at driving their message and mission – with integrity we don’t see enough of in current politics.

KT McFarland
Fox News National Security Analyst

There is NOBODY who knows more about New York politics than Bill O’Reilly!

David Malpass

Former Deputy Assistant Treasury Secretary, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State

If you’re headed into a political fight, make sure you have Jessica Proud working with you. Jessica is smart, creative and well-connected. She’s also as tough and loyal as they come, and the importance of that can’t be overstated.

Joe Lhota

MTA Chairman, Former New York City Deputy Mayor, and 2013 Republican Mayoral Nominee

I cannot say enough positive things about Jessica Proud. She is a consummate communications and marketing expert and she was an invaluable member of my team.
Her tactical and strategic skills are first rate. Jessica is passionate, creative, organized and chock-full of integrity. She is a rare breed – – Jessica excels at the intricacies of politics and advocacy while still managing to be a pleasure to work with. Jessica has always exceeded my expectations.

Dan Donovan

Jessica Proud has built a well-deserved reputation as one of the savviest communications professionals in the business. Her instincts are spot-on and work-ethic unmatched. She has deep contacts in the media and among influencers, and is widely respected for the mettle, integrity and smarts she brings to the battlefield. Jessica has been an invaluable member of my team and should be the number one choice for anyone who has a message to share with the world.

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